A Recovering Perfectionist

Hello, my name is Angela and I’m a recovering perfectionist.

I recently learned this about myself while reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. Before this book I had no idea that my strive for perfection was hurting me. It stopped me from sharing myself with my friends and my community.

I used to think that if I wore the right clothes, exercised enough, smiled enough, kept to myself enough that I could present the best version of myself. But inside I still felt like I wasn’t good enough.

I call myself a recovering perfectionist (as Brene calls herself) because I am in the process of shifting my perspective. I have reread the book, listened to her Ted Talks, and really allowed this new information to sink in.

I also took the following steps to shift my self-perspective:

  • I set the intention for joy in all areas of my life as a new year’s resolution for 2015. I follow through by (sporadically) journaling moments from my day that bring me joy, setting an intention for joy & ease during my yoga practice, and creating a life that I love to live.
  • I enrolled in Baptiste Power Yoga teacher training to become a more confident yoga teacher and make friends. Surprise! I had no idea that self inquiry would be a large part of my training.
  • I went to a therapist for the first time in my life because of the sadness I felt over my health diagnosis. Although I knew I was lucky that my problems weren’t more serious, I still couldn’t shake the grief without help. The therapist asked me where I got my support from. When I didn’t answer her, she said that was my main problem. She encouraged my to share my story with my friends. I discovered that I worry too much about what others think.
  • I hit publish and told everyone I know to read it. Vulnerability!
  • I receive feedback after every yoga class that I teach. I am constantly offered ways to improve my teaching. I don’t fear criticism (as much) anymore.
  • I’ve embraced simplicity and minimalism. The less I care about getting things right, the lighter I feel.

I can honestly say that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Are you a recovering perfectionist? What steps have you taken to shift your perspective?

What are your tips for self acceptance?




IMG_4106Early morning makeup-free selfie