Apples and Asparagus

 Spring flowers blooming in Philadelphia

 With crisp air and overcast skies I headed to one of my favorite places to buy food, the farmers’ market. Who can resist fresh, delicious veggies just barely out of the ground? Luckily I was able to go to the Rittenhouse Square Farmers’ Market before yoga teacher training today.

First stop: mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms

 I bought a small box of shiitakes. I also bought four portabellas because I love their meaty texture.

Had to grab one.

Next stop: more produce

Asparagus season runs April-June in Pennsylvania, and I plan to eat as many stalks as possible in the next two months. 

My favorite!


Getting the loot home, couldn’t resist some fresh flowers for the house.

I as I unpacked my goodie bag I was excited about this week’s possibilities.