30 Ways to Nurture Yourself

Are you ready to refill your cup?

The goal: Carve out whatever time you can for yourself. Pick from the list below or choose your own way to nurture yourself.

Post your pics and tag me on instagram or facebook @veggievinyasa. Each week I’ll pick a winner to receive amazing organic skincare products from Pangea! The more you post, the better your chance to win.

30 Ways to Nurture Yourself

  1. Take a nap
  2. Choose a delicious, healthy snack
  3. Relax with your legs up the wall
  4. Say no
  5. Spontaneously dance to an amazing song
  6. Take five deep breaths
  7. Walk in nature
  8. Take a break from technology
  9. Journal
  10. Pamper yourself with a home spa day
  11. Take a (yin) yoga class
  12. Snuggle under a cozy blanket
  13. Create or admire art
  14. Meditate
  15. Slowly savor a warm beverage
  16. Break a sweat
  17. Take a bath with a few drops of essential oil
  18. Laugh
  19. Do nothing
  20. Forgive
  21. Read an inspirational book
  22. Go for a bike ride
  23. Be your authentic self without any apologies
  24. Burn a candle
  25. Get crafty
  26. Create a daily ritual around an otherwise mundane task
  27. Be a tourist in your own town
  28. Lie in a hammock
  29. Wake up slowly
  30. Simplify

What would you add to the list? Post in the comments section. I’d love to hear your suggestions!

30 Days of Self Care

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”  ~Buddha


Please Join Me!

What: 30 Days of Self Care

When: September 1-30, 2015. Spend five minutes or an afternoon to nurture yourself.

Where: Your everyday life

How: Snap a daily pic and post on Facebook or Instagram. Tag me @veggievinyasa for chances to win amazing Pangea Organics products in weekly giveaways!

Why: To refill your own cup. To cultivate inner peace. To create healthy boundaries. To nurture the best version of yourself to share with others. To be a part of a supportive community.

Facebook: veggievinyasa

Instagram: veggievinyasa

***Stay tuned for an upcoming post with HOW you can nurture yourself!

Organic Love


I’m crazy about yoga, veggies and natural health. I’ve spent hours researching where to buy the least toxic foods, home products and skincare items. I’ve tried dozens of  facial cleansers and even more natural deodorants. My quest has led me to some pretty amazing companies and products that are healthy and way more effective than yucky chemical-laden stuff. Here are my all-time favorites and where to find them:


I buy milk and eggs from an organic farmer that I have personally visited. Click here to read about our trip to Amish Country. Miller’s Biodiversity Farm is located in Pennsylvania with monthly deliveries to New Jersey and New York.

I get my vegetables from Bonterra Market (a local health food store), farmers’ markets and a weekly delivery from Door to Door Organics. Although I’m currently not a CSA member I support Jah’s Creation Organic Farm.


I love Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap. My favorite scent is Lemon Verbena. I use Seventh Generation Free & Clear laundry soap. Both brands are sold at Target. I also like Method for cleaning products.


I use Pangea’s Normal to Combo Face Ritual Set. The Australian Wild Plum & Willow Facial Cleanser and Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime Facial Toner smell amazing! I have three other essential products from Pangea: the facial scrub, mask and balancing oil. I really love their lip balm and body oil too.

I started using Pangea products recently, but I fell in love immediately. The Colorado-based company uses organic, fair trade and responsibly-sourced ingredients. Pangea is committed to transparency. An ingredient list is posted on the website. Pangea also uses environmentally-responsible packaging and has won many beauty and environmental-related awards.

Pangea is only sold through independent business owners. Part of my dream is to someday lead wellness retreats. To me, it makes sense to be part of a company with the same beliefs that I do, so I became an Independent Pangea Business Owner. I’m excited to start throwing mini spa parties & Pangea happy hours! Please email me if you have any questions about Pangea products or would like to host a happy hour (veggievinyasa@gmail.com).


This subject gets its own category because I have spent years testing out every brand I could find. I now have a combo that holds up through back-to-back 90 degree power yoga classes and weekend yoga teacher trainings!

I use 4-5 sprays of Thai Chrystal Mist Pump Spray topped with a few swipes of Philly-based Duross & Langel violet deodorant.

The salt spray kills bacteria, but does not neutralize odor. The stick does not prevent odor (for me) on its own. Together they are a magical nontoxic combo that keep me fresh. I reapply the violet stick as needed throughout the day.

What’s in my purse:


What are your favorite organic brands? Which companies align with your values? 

Wedding Websites

One of my besties just got engaged so we’ve gone wedding gaga together. Of course we try to keep the conversation toned down around our fiances who can only handle so much wedding talk. I’m crushing on all things white and gold while she’s going for a classy navy scheme.

Here’s a look my latest in wedding inspiration:

Plenty of beautiful pics found on 100layercake

Tables by Elizabethannedesigns

Greenweddingshoes: flowers, DIY & sweet advice from recently married couples

Interesting info:

Wedding readings from literature

Vows from the heart

The ultimate rock wedding playlist

Any favorite songs I must include on the dj’s list?

Wedding Gaga

I’ve been addicted to pinterest wedding boards (pinterest is an online bulletin board where you “pin” things you like). I’ve been sucked into a little wedding cocoon for the past week. Here’s a peek at my favorite pins (sources linked below pics).

Easy breezy wedding gown

(out of my budget… but a girl can dream)

Rustic & whimsical

Love this color!

A classy garter belt


Would be cute for engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner

Another stunning gown

(vintage…link no longer available)

Girls who are gaga over weddings…please send me your favorite links!

Natural Beauty

Skincare I love

My name is Angela and I’m a beauty product junkie. It started with Bonnie Bell chapstick in  elementary school and festered to a new level at my first real job as a Walgreens cashier back in high school. I had hours to look over lip gloss and nail polish, plus an employee discount that I gladly used to buy hair dye. Let’s just say that my naturally dark brown hair has been everything from bleached blond, black and even a purplish red tint. And I’m not even going to get into the tacky highlights I’ve had over the years. Currently I’m back to my natural roots and loving the low-maintenance of living with (gasp) my own hair color. I have nothing against anyone that dyes, but for me it’s just too much work to keep up with my dark roots. But I digress. There are many reasons that I’m trying to get ahold of my beauty product problem: clutter in the bathroom, wastefulness, animal abuse and personal health (you can read about how a lot of “regular” beauty products contain stuff that’s bad for humans here). But on to the positive part of this post. Luckily being green is all the rage, and there are a ton of companies catering to us “hippies”. Read on to learn about my favorite all natural products, along with a few celeb choices.

Gorgeous & eco-chic: picks by Alicia Silverstone

Gwyneth Paltrow’s

A database that will tell you the toxicity level of a product

My favorites:

Tarte eyeshadow

Bare Escentuals mineral powder

Boscia facewash and moisturizer

Boscia black peel-off face mask

Lavanila deoderant

Yes, it costs $18 and is found at Sephora. But I’ve tried a lot (and I mean a lot) of natural deodorants and this one is the only one that works for me. I bought it in December, and it kept M from gagging on a hot and sweaty hike in Costa Rica, plus the tube’s still full two and half months later. Read this news article to find our why I stopped using Secret.

Dr. Bronner’s pure castile liquid soap (the almond scent is yummy!)

Giovanni shampoo and conditioner (sold at Target)

*I still haven’t found a toothpaste or mascara that I can live with, so if you’ve got a good one please share.

What are your favorite tried-and-tested natural beauty products?

Homemade Beauty

Last spring my friend had a make-your-own-lip-balm party. It was loads of fun and inspired this year’s gifts for my friends.

Coffee bags from a craft store decorated with rubber stamps, tags from Staples

Jars and labels also from a craft store

I tried out various recipes and ended up with a few favorites:

Mocha Spice Sugar Scrub

Moisturizing Shea Butter Body Scrub

Lavender Vanilla Body Oil

Lavender Mint Foot Scrub

Most of these recipes can be made with items from the health food store and your kitchen. Lip balm is another story. I ordered the ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs. This recipe for minty chocolate lip balm from Crunchy Betty is amazing (I skipped the honey). Yummy!

 A one for me, one for you gift

It’s incredibly easy to make your own scrubs and they smell so heavenly.

Have you made any beauty products at home? What are your favorites? Have you ever given or received homemade gifts? What were they?

Made-from-scratch Lip Balm

Last night I went over to my friend Mariah’s house for a make-your-own lip balm party. She had all the ingredients ready, and it was a great girls’ night in. There were a few recipes to choose from, but I couldn’t resist the grapefruit almond version (it goes so well with my new body scrub).

Recipe:  Grapefruit Almond Lip Balm

Ingredients: (makes two lip balms…and don’t worry about exact measurements)

  •  2 tsp. grated beeswax or beeswax pellets
  • 1 tsp. sweet almond oil (you could also use jojoba oil)
  • 1½ tsp. cocoa butter (1-1½ wafers)
  • 3-6 drops flavored oil (I used grapefruit, she also had lavender available)
  • 1 vitamin E capsule

Supply station

Above: empty tubes, mini scrapers, beeswax pellets and cocoa butter wafers

Left: Shea butter and essential oils






Fill a large sauté pan with about two inches of water. Warm over medium heat. Put the first three ingredients in a small aluminum pie pan.

Place the aluminum pie pan in the water. Allow ingredients to melt together. Stir. This takes about 5 minutes.


(Left: Steph keeping an eye on things)

Once the mixture is melted, use tongs to take the aluminum pan out of the water. Place it on a plate to cool for about one minute.

 Then add the flavored oil and vitamin E.

Right: Mariah found vitamin E in a roll-on bottle. We popped the ball off and used a straw to extract a few drops. Vitamin E helps preserve the lip balm, and she recommends adding it to any recipe.

If your mixture is still liquid you can just pour it in the tube at this time. Mine started to get a little chunky, so I used the mini scraper to fill the tube.

Level the top, put a cap on it, and let it rest a little while. As it cools you can use a sharpie to label it, or even decorate it with cute stickers.

Left: Jessica knows what she is doing. She had a secret stash of supplies and made us a quick batch of lotion.

Below: Mariah, the hostess with the mostess. She bought some supplies from a local shop. She ordered the rest from an online company called Mountain Rose Herbs.




Helpful Hints (courtesy of Mariah):

  • Measurements are approximant
  • Mix and match ingredients. For example, swap beeswax for shea butter (I accidentally swapped the cocoa butter for shea butter…didn’t really matter)
  • Add the essential oils and vitamin E after heating, or else they will evaporate
  • Natural stuff isn’t full of icky ingredients, so toss after 3 months
  • Enjoy soft luscious, environmentally friendly lips!


Have you had success with any do-it-yourself beauty products?