Welcome to Veggie Vinyasa! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m Angela, yoga-lover, veggie enthusiast and mama to one adorable toddler.

These days I post fun pics of yoga, veggies and toddler life on Instagram. I teach Baptiste-inspired, Yin, family, and teen yoga. I am passionate about natural health and choosing organic as much as possible. I’m crazy about Pangea Organics!


I used to travel frequently. I love exploring the world, shutting down from technology and embracing new cultures. I’m from Florida and throughout my life have lived in Montana, England, New York City and Philadelphia. I finally settled down and married a Jersey guy I refer to as M here on my blog. He prefers more privacy than I do.

In the past I didn’t feel at home in South Jersey. I looked forward to escaping as often as I could. Since giving birth two years ago I have put in a conscious effort to find/create a community of like-minded friends. You can read about my perseverance in this blog post.

I am a recovering perfectionist and a striving minimalist. I care less about clothes and partying and more about gardening and yoga. My perfect day would include a surf board, yoga mat, inspiring book and an organic green juice.

I have two autoimmune conditions. You can read about my personal health story here: Part One & Part Two. I believe in the power of organic food, yoga, and natural healing.

My core values are joy, gratitude, kindness, authenticity and community. I work at Grow Yoga in Galloway, New Jersey where the slogan is Cultivate Community. My goal is to live my core values everyday and support others to empower themselves. I have found freedom and lightness by committing to authenticity and I hope to inspire others do the same.