A Year of Joy


Photo by Emmaleigh Jeanne Photography

Today I’m celebrating a year of joy!

Finding my joy took some work. I set the intention at the start of 2015 and stuck with it. By the way, sticking with JOY was a lot more fun than trying to lose 10 pounds.

I’m not sharing to brag, but to push you to acknowledge and celebrate your own accomplishments. Because life is worth celebrating!

This year I…

Drastically reduced my alcohol consumption. I used to drink 2-3 times per week, now it’s that frequency per month.

Had the courage to ask for support. Thank you to all of my loved ones who lifted me up when I couldn’t do it myself.

Conquered my fear of teaching a busy class in a real yoga studio. Found my inner power yoga teacher. Really found my inner power.

Gained acceptance. Faced illness head-on and accepted it.

Shared the power of acceptance by teaching yin yoga and loving every moment of it. I cherish the feedback from my peers that’s allowed me to grow and create a yin teacher training.

Most of all I was vulnerable by being authentic, open and honest.

What are you celebrating? What does authenticity look like for you? What intention will you set for 2016?

I choose CONNECTION for 2016. Connection to people, the present moment, and to my breath.

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