Presence not Presents


Happy December! I love the holidays and all of the goodwill that this time of year can inspire. I love Christmas music and snuggling under a warm fuzzy blanket with a classic holiday movie.

But I’ve noticed that I’m already starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed. Maybe it’s the recovering perfectionist in me. Maybe it’s my desire to not let anyone down. The lesson that life keeps presenting to me is that I can’t be the brightest, fullest version of myself if I don’t fill my own cup first. For me, that means practicing yoga every day.

For the past week my yoga practice has consisted of sneaking in a few poses while my two year old is watching Sesame Street in the same room. It’s something, but it’s not exactly restorative. There are still plenty of demands for coconut water and attention. My levels of patience and joy have suffered. Just because I know I need to carve out time doesn’t mean I always do it.

Starting today I (along with my yogini friend Ashley) am committing to 25 days of yoga. For her, that’s 25 studio classes. For me, it’s 20 studio classes with home practices on the other days (preferably without Sesame Street). A daily yoga practice keeps me happy and calm. And that’s the person I want to be for others.

Making it to 20 classes will be a challenge. I might even have to sneak out to a 6am class here and there. But it’s worth it.

How will you stay present during the holidays?

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