Cultivate Love

Have you tried a loving kindness meditation?

Here’s one method I have found to be powerful in my own life:

Inhale: Blessings to

Exhale: Person’s Name

One breath = One person

Start with the people you love. Build those warm fuzzy feelings. I can’t help but smile during this part! Gradually work your way out of your inner circle to the other people in your life. Make your way to those that you generally tolerate.

Try to your best to keep your body relaxed as you silently send blessings to everyone else you know. Consider the rest of the world and those that need more love and kindness.

Keep going for a specific amount of time or until you feel complete.

Turn this into a yin yoga practice by setting up in a supported reclined bound angle pose. Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. I like to use a thick couch cushion or a stack of bed pillows under my spine. This pose feels sooooo good everywhere in my body!

For the cherry on top, end your practice with legs-up-the-wall while listening to one of these mantra songs:

Lokah Samastah by Bonnie Argo

Bless the Good by Sirgun Kaur & Darshan Singh

In case you need extra motivation:

18 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving-Kindness Meditation

Have you practiced loving-kindness meditation? How has it affected you? How else do you practice love and kindness toward others?


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    So excited to try this meditation, it is going to be so helpful in bringing JOY to my life this year! Thanks for another amazing, connective idea!

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