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I’m crazy about yoga, veggies and natural health. I’ve spent hours researching where to buy the least toxic foods, home products and skincare items. I’ve tried dozens of  facial cleansers and even more natural deodorants. My quest has led me to some pretty amazing companies and products that are healthy and way more effective than yucky chemical-laden stuff. Here are my all-time favorites and where to find them:


I buy milk and eggs from an organic farmer that I have personally visited. Click here to read about our trip to Amish Country. Miller’s Biodiversity Farm is located in Pennsylvania with monthly deliveries to New Jersey and New York.

I get my vegetables from Bonterra Market (a local health food store), farmers’ markets and a weekly delivery from Door to Door Organics. Although I’m currently not a CSA member I support Jah’s Creation Organic Farm.


I love Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap. My favorite scent is Lemon Verbena. I use Seventh Generation Free & Clear laundry soap. Both brands are sold at Target. I also like Method for cleaning products.


I use Pangea’s Normal to Combo Face Ritual Set. The Australian Wild Plum & Willow Facial Cleanser and Green Mandarin with Sweet Lime Facial Toner smell amazing! I have three other essential products from Pangea: the facial scrub, mask and balancing oil. I really love their lip balm and body oil too.

I started using Pangea products recently, but I fell in love immediately. The Colorado-based company uses organic, fair trade and responsibly-sourced ingredients. Pangea is committed to transparency. An ingredient list is posted on the website. Pangea also uses environmentally-responsible packaging and has won many beauty and environmental-related awards.

Pangea is only sold through independent business owners. Part of my dream is to someday lead wellness retreats. To me, it makes sense to be part of a company with the same beliefs that I do, so I became an Independent Pangea Business Owner. I’m excited to start throwing mini spa parties & Pangea happy hours! Please email me if you have any questions about Pangea products or would like to host a happy hour (


This subject gets its own category because I have spent years testing out every brand I could find. I now have a combo that holds up through back-to-back 90 degree power yoga classes and weekend yoga teacher trainings!

I use 4-5 sprays of Thai Chrystal Mist Pump Spray topped with a few swipes of Philly-based Duross & Langel violet deodorant.

The salt spray kills bacteria, but does not neutralize odor. The stick does not prevent odor (for me) on its own. Together they are a magical nontoxic combo that keep me fresh. I reapply the violet stick as needed throughout the day.

What’s in my purse:


What are your favorite organic brands? Which companies align with your values? 


  1. Amber says

    I’d be curious to know what kind of shampoo and conditioner you recommend. I too am eliminating chemicals from our toiletries and skincare products. Deodorants are a tough one for me, I have tried at least a dozen natural brands that just don’t work. I really like Primal Pit Paste, however it’s a little pricey. I’ve been waiting for a sale on them, and in the meantime would be happy to try something new. As for sunblock, we’ve been using Sunology brand and other than being a little oily feeling, it’s been a good product.

    Oh and my favorite laundry detergent is actually an olive oil based one (sounds odd right??) from my local farmers market, however the people who make it stopped vending there, which is disappointing.

    • Angela says

      Hi Amber! I use Andalou Naturals shampoo. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database rates it a two, which on a scale of 1-10 is considered completely safe and nontoxic. I don’t really use conditioner but I would use theirs if I did. I love the smell!
      Deodorants are very tough and I’ve gone through a lot! I’ve heard great things about primal paste, but it didn’t work out for me.
      As for your laundry soap…maybe it’s a possible new business venture?

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