Word of the Year: Joy


This year I am trying a new kind of resolution. Rather than choosing something to DO, I am picking one word to BE.

This year I choose JOY.

Specifically, I will use joy to help me in the following areas:

1. Health- Because of an autoimmune condition I must reduce reduce my alcohol consumption by drinking only on special occasions with a maximum of once per week and switch to a 100% gluten free diet. Rather than being sad, I choose joy. Health is more important than a chocolate croissant, however delicious it may be (more about this in a future post).

2. Simplicity- Clutter stresses me out. Shopping is a vice that contributes to physical clutter. Gossip contributes to mental clutter. I choose joy over shopping and gossip.

3. Ease- I choose to be authentic in my relationships and here on this blog. I will let go of any ideas of perfectionism and accept myself and others for the perfectly imperfect people we are. Being authentic contributes to joyfulness.

What would you like to BE in 2015?

Read about choosing a word here: Resolution Revolution: A Better Way to Start Your Year


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